Selling Alarm Accounts Now

Like many property owners, you take great pride and joy in your security company. After all, you’ve built your business with your own blood, sweat, and tears. In spite of this, there may come a point in time when you decide to sell your alarm accounts, and making that decision is never easy.

Letting go of your security company is tough, but the separation doesn’t have to be so bittersweet. Before you say goodbye to your brand, you need to ensure that your alarm accounts are going to the right hands. It’s also important that you’re getting a fair deal to give yourself peace of mind. However, security alarms aren’t the easiest thing to sell and they cover a niche market. Luckily, at Sell Alarm Company, we are here to make things easier for you.

Transition Smoothly with Sell Alarm Company

Sell Alarm Company knows how much work goes into your security company. That’s why we take immense pride in any alarm account we work with. We promise to handle your brand with great care and integrity and we strive to help you confidently start a new chapter in your life.

We don’t want to complicate things, and we know selling your security company is hard enough. Because of this, we’ve made sure that the entire procedure is fast and simple. First, we’ll purchase the amount of alarm accounts you wish to sell. After that, we offer an array of opportunities for you, so you can remain in business and generate income – it’s that easy!

Selling Alarm Services

You may have your own reasons to why you want to sell your entire or a portion of your portfolio, so Sell Alarm Company offers 3 options that fit your needs. These options include:

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  • Full Security Account Acquisition – Tailored for owners who are ready to sell their entire alarm company.
  • Partial Security Account Acquisition – Suited for security firms who are looking to sell a portion of their accounts for additional capital.
  • Independent Security Dealer Program – Help security company owners improve their brand’s development, as well as keep the ongoing relationship with their current clients.

At Sell Alarm Company, we have helped many security firms across the U.S. sell their accounts for years. You can trust us to take good care of your brand. When you’re ready to sell your company or a portion of your alarm accounts, just give us a call at 844-798-0904 and let’s discuss your plan. We also invite you to use our Portfolio Valuation Calculator to see how working with us benefits you. You can also visit our contact page if you have any more questions regarding our programs.