Independent Security Dealer Program

If you're looking for a comprehensive and reliable independent security dealer program to help move your business forward, look no further than Sell Alarm Company. Our program is designed to specifically meet the needs of alarm companies, enhancing continual brand development and strengthening the ongoing relationship with their current clients.

Our broad equipment options and bundled pricing on alarm monitoring services are easy to attain. They perfectly fit your goals, as well.  Plus, you can choose how many accounts you wish to sell and how often. This means you can receive capital on a regular basis without having to reach a minimum sales amount.

What Our Program Offers

At Sell Alarm Company, we want to make everything easy for you. When you join our independent security dealer program, you’ll receive the following benefits that significantly help your brand’s growth:

  • No minimum sales required
  • Weekly funding
  • Marketing tools and support
  • Low third-party deductions
  • You get to choose your own equipment
  • Billing, marketing, and paperwork in your company’s name
  • Free credit checks, contacts, and yard signs on accounts purchased
  • Continued revenue from leads, referrals, and equipment add-ons

Our Other Programs

At Sell Alarm Company, our company is also known for being flexible. To ensure that we’re giving you the best options available, we also offer other selling alarm accounts programs that either sell your entire security company or a portion of your accounts. Both programs allow you to generate revenue through methods like:

  • Service requests
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Accepting alarm monitoring account service referrals
  • Continued selling of alarm monitoring accounts to our company

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